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Important notice about the «ADG» project

Important notice: Due to large demand, the «Accessibility Developer Guide» project (currently a proof of concept with low priority) will become a top priority priority in 2017. We will make this guide become what it deserves to be for so long already: a comprehensive resource for all folks interested in accessibility. For this we need your support!


While the most common accessibility issues can solved by fixing unclean HTML code, JavaScript widgets always have to be enhanced with special information to make them accessible.

By the way, to see some working everyday-needed JavaScript widgets, visit our Proofs of concept!

  • Basic JavaScript demos to do - see some basic JavaScript in action (and what a Screenreader does with it)
  • Setting focus to elements - an important thing for accessible websites
  • Handling asynchronous requests (AJAX) to do
  • Handling partial page updates to do
  • Handling spinners to do
  • Changing attributes of a focused element to do - The changed attribute is announced (?)
  • Changing content of a focused element to do - The content is announced (?)
  • How to determine the current user's input/output profile to do - find out whether a user has a mouse, a keyboard only, and whether he's assisted by a screenreader
  • Giving proper feedback to a screenreader upon interaction to do
  • Using alerts to give asynchronous feedback to a screenreader to do
  • Scrolling that works for all (don't forget to move the focus, too!) to do
  • A lot more to come here soon (hopefully)

No more content here yet!

Please support us so the missing content will appear here soon!

PS: If you didn't know: while this specific page isn't spilled with information yet, there's still a lot of useful content on this website already. Click around, and you will see!

Examples done! What to do now? Get to know some recipes!