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Important notice about the «ADG» project

Important notice: Due to large demand, the «Accessibility Developer Guide» project (currently a proof of concept with low priority) will become a top priority priority in 2017. We will make this guide become what it deserves to be for so long already: a comprehensive resource for all folks interested in accessibility. For this we need your support!


When not simply reading content, you are interacting with it. The most common use case is entering and selecting data in a form.

Make your way through all the links below. Make sure that you have fired up NVDA when opening them (start NVDA using Ctrl + Option + N), and you may want to have the Speech Viewer window open, too (in the NVDA menu, choose (T)ools(S)peech viewer).

  • Browse mode vs. focus mode - interact with form elements!
  • Text inputs to do - the most seen input
  • Textareas to do - text input that allows multiple lines
  • Select inputs to do - select one of many options (or multiple of them)
  • Radiobuttons to do - select one of many options
  • Checkboxes to do - select multiple of many options
  • Upload input to do - upload a file (or multiple)
  • HTML5 input types to do - great new input types, but how accessible are they?
  • HTML5 input validations to do - great new input validations, but how accessible are they?
  • Info between form fields - how to pack a lot of info between inputs
  • Group inputs using fieldset/legend to do
  • Forms in tables - use tables to structure tabular-like forms
  • Managing focusability of elements - useful, but be aware of some things!
  • Complex labels to do - how to offer complex labels for radiobuttons or checkboxes
  • Placeholders to do - the reason why they are never a good idea
  • Floating labels to do - a cool alternative to placeholders
  • Input errors to do - how to give proper feedback to the user on input errors

No more content here yet!

Please support us so the missing content will appear here soon!

PS: If you didn't know: while this specific page isn't spilled with information yet, there's still a lot of useful content on this website already. Click around, and you will see!

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