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Important notice about the «ADG» project

Important notice: Due to large demand, the «Accessibility Developer Guide» project (currently a proof of concept with low priority) will become a top priority priority in 2017. We will make this guide become what it deserves to be for so long already: a comprehensive resource for all folks interested in accessibility. For this we need your support!

Examples overview

To develop good websites, one first has to know, what differs a normal website from an accessible website.

You'll notice that there's not so much difference, and most of it lies in the cleanliness of everyday HTML code - accessibility is no sorcery! Sure, there are more sophisticated topics (e.g. the use of WAI-ARIA), and we'll cover them too.

How to browse websites

Look at the following tutorials to gain a first idea on how to control a screenreader. You'll learn how to read different types of content on websites.

How to use forms

When not simply reading content, you are interacting with it. The most common use case is entering and selecting data in a form.

What about images?

A lot of information on the internet is conveyed through graphical objects - which a screenreader is unable to interprete. How can adequate alternatives be provided in textual form?

How to handle JavaScript

While the most common accessibility issues can solved by fixing unclean HTML code, JavaScript widgets always have to be enhanced with special information to make them accessible.

Proofs of concept

Inspiring, accessible examples for everyday-needed JavaScript widgets. They have the purpose to give you an idea about how an accessible widget should behave like, so you can implement your own one.

More to come!

We have a lot more in petto! But so much to do and so little time...

Give us tailwind by supporting us!

Focus of these examples

Focus on screenreader usage!

The following examples' focus mainly lies on screenreader usage.

You'll learn more about other tools and topics in the "Tools & workshops" section.

This was great action! But what to do in specific situations?