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Important notice about the «ADG» project

Important notice: Due to large demand, the «Accessibility Developer Guide» project (currently a proof of concept with low priority) will become a top priority priority in 2017. We will make this guide become what it deserves to be for so long already: a comprehensive resource for all folks interested in accessibility. For this we need your support!

About the Accessibility Developer Guide

This guide is written and maintained by a small team of web developers and accessibility consultants, employed by the foundation 1«Access for all», based in Switzerland.

Joshua Muheim

Portrait of Joshua

I'm working as a web developer (frontend and backend) since more than 10 years. My motto has always been: "Good code is clean code is less code is accessible code."

I'm working for «Access for all» for one year now, and being the first qualified web developer in the team, I'm heavily pushing our services for other web developers, be it creating this guide, holding workshops for developers or conducting in-house consulting for clients.

Daniele Corciulo

Portrait of Daniele


Petra Ritter

Portrait of Petra

I'm working as an accessibility consultant for «Access for all» since it was founded 15 years ago.

I suffer from hemiplegia since birth and I'm visually impaired as well. I control my computer using a standard keyboard with one hand a braille display. I'm using screenreaders and other assistive technologies on a daily basis and can offer a lot of experience in this area. As part of my job I do thorough website and mobile app testing including analysis of code.

Gianfranco Giudice

Portrait of Gianfranco


Information about «Access for all»

What's «Access for all»?

«Access for all» is a recognised Swiss non profit organisation. Founded in 2000, it has campaigned for a greater public understanding of the problems concerning the accessibility of information and communication technology, in particular the internet for people with disabilities.

Our services

What else can we do for you?

We offer a wide range of services, be it testing websites, holding workshops, lobbying activities, and many more.

Visit our website to find detailed information.


We are 100% self-sustained.

We work hard for our money, and as a foundation with a social aim, we often give support at our own expense.

So if this guide was of any value to you, please show your appreciation and make a donation using PayPal or Pledgie!