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Important notice about the «ADG» project

Important notice: Due to large demand, the «Accessibility Developer Guide» project (currently a proof of concept with low priority) will become a top priority priority in 2017. We will make this guide become what it deserves to be for so long already: a comprehensive resource for all folks interested in accessibility. For this we need your support!

Welcome to the Accessibility Developer Guide!

With this pragmatic guide you'll learn how to develop and test accessible websites. It is written for physically non-impaired web developers who want to build accessible websites, but it will be useful for anyone else interested in learning about accessibility (also known under the numeronym A11y).

Latest news

It was a big effort, but we finally have a definitive result trying to write a golden thread about our internal testing processes - something we've been asked for again and again by our clients, and thanks to Lufthansa finally was possible!

Check it out: The golden thread for accessibility testing.

After being used during workshops for some time and being checked out by some selected web developers, the Accessibility Developer Guide is now publicly available to everyone interested.

Hooray! Let's make the web accessible for everybody!


This guide is open source. Contribute by clicking "Fork me on GitHub" at the bottom of this page!

Content disclaimer

This guide is heavy work in progress (and it always will be). We are providing our own opinions and best practices here. They are based on profound experience as both users and developers of websites and built upon knowledge of the official resources like WCAG 2.0.

Accessibility disclaimer

This guide itself may not be 100% accessible. While care is taken to make this guide accessible, it has the status of "work in progress", which may also impact on the accessibility of some content. If any problems occur, please contact us and let us know.


This guide is non-profit. But we put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining it. Please show your appreciation and support us!

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